Heavy duty, quality construction 
with top of the line components.

NEW LS Model Inline Roll Sheeter with Lap Splicer

Quantum Roll Sheeters is proud to introduce the newest addition to its roll sheeter product line, the new LS model, the industry’s first integrated roll sheeter lap splicer combination system that brings together the benefits of a roll sheeter with the continuous feed operation made possible by a lap splicer. The new LS model offers hassle free integration, both new and retrofit, with all major medium and large format sheet-fed presses up to 65” wide, and its continuous run capabilities deliver unheard of production yields up to 10MM more sheets per press per year. And the entire Quantum Roll Sheeters product line is backed by the expertise of Quantum Design’s automation controls systems and KTI’s best-in-class, global parts and service. 

Experience the performance of the new LS model from Quantum Roll Sheeters

  • Clean, precise cuts every time
  • Operator-friendly, fully automated controls with HMI touch screen
  • Zero splice equals zero downtime
  • Continuous operation at speeds up to 20,000 sph
  • Yields up to 10MM sheets per press per year
  • ROI of 6-12 months

Roll Sheeter LS Specifications

Medium Format (40"-44")

The medium format sheet fed market is the most popular press size. Popular press sizes are the 105 (1050mm wide) and the 106 (1060mm wide).

Machine Specifications
Sheet Min: 450mm (17.7165")L x 520mm (20.4724")W
Sheet Max: 740mm (29.1338")L x 1060mm (41.3386")W
Stock Range: (40-41") 0.06-0.3mm paper, 3mil + film
Stock Range: (44") 0.06-0.3mm paper, 3mil + film
Roll Diameter: 1520mm (59.8425")
Core Diameter: 76mm (3")
Speed: 3000-20000SPH

Large Format (57"-65") 

Typical press sizes are the 145 (1450mm wide) and the 164 (1640mm wide). 

Machine Specifications 
Sheet Min: 500mm (19.6850")L x 600mm (23.622")W  
Sheet Max: 740mm (29.1338")L x 1060mm (41.3386")W  
Stock Range: 0.06-0.3mm paper, 3mil + film  
Roll Diameter: 1520mm (59.8425")  
Core Diameter: 76mm (3")  
Speed: 3000-18000SPH

Lap Splicer Equipment Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame support structure
  • Roll stand with core shafts: 3" standard, 6" optional
  • Automatic braking and tension system
  • Four sided, adjustable sheet decurler
  • Manual roll centering system
  • Cutting section with servo driven infeed draw roller and air loaded nip trolley system
  • Servo driven rotary knife module with four sided cutting knives, (1) rotating (1) fixed, with frame heating system for extended knife life
  • Advanced dancer system
  • Automatic sheet shingling system
  • Servo driven sheet kicker with cam timing adjustable from the HMI to suit the material and running conditions
  • Large paper accumulation capacity for smooth starts and stops
  • Press feed table with material vacuum transfer belts and divert gate system
  • Operator-friendly controls with HMI touch screen
  • Pneumatics supplied with flow controls for smooth and safe operation
  • Interlocked safety guarding with dual redundancy safety string monitoring
  • Disconnect switch with lock out/tag out handle

Optional Features:

  • Antistatic Device
  • Web Dehumidifier
  • Raised Feeder Head Kit
  • 6" & 12" Core Chuck Adapters

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Runs continuous without the need to ever stop for roll change
  • Print up to 10MM more sheets per year (8 hour shift)
  • Allows printer to purchase bulk rolls at a lower cost (up to 30%) than pre-cut/stacked sheets
  • Reduces press downtime for sheet stack changes
  • Reduces paper waste with more accurate cut sheet lengths than pre-cut stacks 
  • Run longer press runs off of rolls
  • Run materials that are often difficult to run from stack sheets (films, etc.)
  • Locomotion system allows printer to also run stacks

Available QRS Models & Specifications

Quantum Roll Sheeter designs and manufactures roll sheeters for presses from 40” to 81”.

Medium Format
For use with 40”- 42” presses

Wide Format
For use with 51”-64" presses

Extra Wide Format
For use with 73”-81" presses

Standard Features

Quantum Roll Sheeters engineers and manufactures roll sheeters for the sheetfed printing press industry. We have models available for press sizes 40" to 81" providing a better alternative to traditional pre-cut sheet piles.

  • Heavy duty, quality construction with top of the line components
  • Operator friendly HMI and Controls
  • Straight back rail design or gear side non-rail access design to allow for pre-cut sheet piles when necessary
  • Shaftless roll stands make roll changes faster and safer, 3" core chuck (6" and 12" also available)
  • An advanced dancer with a unique "web up" feature saving time
  • Capable of handling plastic film and other synthetic materials with ease
  • Servo Drives and PLC Controls allow for smooth, consistent operation throughout
  • Safety features including interlocked guards and machine in motion warning signs
  • Integration designs for seamless installation to all sheetfed presses, new and existing
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